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Tie Dye materials
Tie Dye materials
Tie Dye materials
Tie Dye materials
Tie Dye materials
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Tie Dye materials

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 This kit includes:

  • 1x 5 pack Tulips tie dye bottles OR 1x 3 pack Jacquard Tie dye kit with soda Ash
  • Gloves
  • Elastics bands 
  • 1x 10 pack Crayola fabric markers
  • 1x short handle tote

In the rare case of an item being out of stock, we aim to substitute the item to something of similar quality and price to enable students to competently complete the class.


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Our tie dye kit is formulated to enable kids to express their freedom and their individuality, using dyes and different materials to create masterpieces. A kid’s tie dye set is bound to bring out your child’s wonder and smiles as they create a personalised, unique masterpiece that inspires.

A tie dye kit for kids includes:

  • 1x 5 pack tulips tie dye bottles
  • 1x 10 pack crayola fabric markers
  • 2x short handle tote

Creating your tie dye project

The contents of our children’s tie dye kit are all there to make your project a success with minimal fuss. You will even find a pair of gloves to ensure that your little one’s hands are not stained by the dyes used.

Imagine your child proudly displaying their piece of art once the project is complete — this is a priceless bonus of the learning experience when using our kid’s art kits. And the Creative Kids voucher tie dye kit also means you get to enjoy all of this with your child at absolutely no cost!

Getting creative

A full lesson plan is included in our tie dye kits for children, providing a range of suggestions and information on how to spark your child’s imagination with this Creative Kids voucher tie dye experience.

Library bags are featured in the kit for you to dye as you wish, or perhaps you have a t-shirt or another appropriate item your child would prefer to decorate. It’s entirely up to you! Once you have your item, it is time to plan a design. Have fun experimenting with the different effects, as demonstrated in the folding technique pamphlet. Each and every tie dye outcome will be a totally personalised design, with wildly varying colour and pattern results.

A full learning experience

Your child will learn how to colour match, create new colours through the blending of existing colours and use their dexterity skills by tying areas of the fabric to create swirls where the dye cannot reach. Understanding how dyes work and what is involved in creating patterns on fabrics can open their creative minds to so many possibilities. The tie dye Creative Kids voucher really delivers on a number of fronts for your child’s development and enjoyment.

Choose Kids Art Box for all your creative projects

We want to encourage your child’s creativity — that’s why we offer a vast array of art kits and participate in the Creative Kids voucher program, to allow your child to nurture their creative side.

If you are unsure how to claim your tie dye kit creative voucher, you will find the process very easy and user-friendly. We are here to assist at any time, whether you need help in deciding on the appropriate art project for your child or how to redeem your voucher. Kids Art Box is dedicated to providing a fun and meaningful environment to help your children reach their best potential. We are positive that you and your child will be overjoyed with a Creative Kids voucher tie dye kit or any of our alternative Creative Kids voucher kits.


Is tie dye safe for children?

Absolutely. All of the dyes provided in our kid’s tie dye set are non-toxic and safe for children to use. With your supervision, your child will be creating safely with an activity that does not involve sharp implements or any materials which can be hazardous to them.

What fabrics can I tie dye?

Cotton is super absorbent, which makes it the ideal choice for projects using our tie dye kits for children. The dye will take very well to any cotton item you would like to vitalise via the effects of creative tie dying. Silk is a popular alternative — however, specific silk dyes would need to be used to ensure your creation is successful.

What fabrics should not be tie dyed?

Synthetic fabrics such as rayon and viscose should be avoided, as should fabrics that combine these fibres with natural fibres such as cotton/viscose. 100% natural fabrics such as cotton are ideal. Synthetic fabrics do not hold dyes well when processed through the tie dye method.

Do I need to pre-wash my items before dyeing?

Ideally, you should wash your items before using our tie dye kit for kids so that you can work with damp fabric. This makes it easier for the dyes to penetrate. Dry material can work effectively as well. Just make sure that if it is a brand new item, it is washed first to remove any residual finishes from the manufacturer that may block the dye from penetrating.

How long do I have to wait for my tie dye project to set?

Most items will “set” within 24 hours. You need to keep the ties in place to ensure the colours do not run, and you can leave your item in a plastic bag to optimise the results. Once the dye has set, you are then ready to remove the ties. Rinse off as much excess dye as possible, hang it to dry, and enjoy the artistic outcomes from our children’s tie dye kit. There is no need to wash your item before use — however, the rinsing process is an absolute must!

Will tie dye projects stay colourful after washing?

Hand washing will keep your colours brighter for longer. However, there is no harm in using a machine to wash your tie dye item. A newly dyed item can release some dye in the first few washes, just as new clothing does. Make sure for the first few washes you do not include other items in the same wash that may become discoloured. Another tip to keep your colours bright is to hang your item inside out, so the sun does not bleach them.

Can I save dye to use for another day?

Absolutely. Each dye container is resealable and can be used whenever you choose to embark on another creative journey. As long as the container is properly sealed, you should have no issue with revisiting tie dyeing at a later date, ensuring you get the full benefit of our tie dye kits for children.