How to claim Creative Kids Voucher

Children have boundless artistic potential. They are inquisitive, playful, creative and receptive to new opportunities. Creativity is a limitless ability and opens a new way of thinking to enhance, nurture and enable children to thrive. Research has shown that children’s engagement with creative activities has positive effects on their interpersonal, intellectual, social and emotional development.

The NSW Government is helping kids get creative with the new Creative Kids program. Parents, guardians and carers can apply for a voucher with a value of up to $100 per calendar year for each school-enrolled child aged 4.5-18 years. 

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How do I apply for my Creative Kids Voucher?

1. Visit
2. Select the 'apply online' button in the bottom left hand corner. 
3. Login into your account or sign up if you don't have one.
4. Follow the prompts to apply for your voucher.