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How to claim a Creative Kids voucher?

A visit to Service NSW online is all that is needed. You can apply through an existing account or create a new account for yourself quickly and easily. Once you are set up, the process to claim your Creative Kids voucher is extremely simple and you will have your voucher to use in no time at all.

Where can I use my Creative Kids voucher?

Kids Art Box is one of a number of providers that accept these vouchers. A visit to Service NSW will give you the full list of where to use a Creative Kids voucher. Activity providers range from performing arts, literature and music, to creative and cultural activities.

How to use a Creative Kids voucher?

Using your Creative Kids voucher with Kids Art Box is a straightforward and simple process. Once you have selected from our range of Creative Kids kits, you will be asked to complete three boxes — one of which is where you enter your Creative Kids voucher number. When you have completed these simple requirements, head to the checkout to complete your purchase. We then verify your voucher and dispatch your parcel. Should you have any issues or concerns we are always available to help.

How many Creative Kids vouchers per year am I entitled to?

If your child is 4½ to 18 years of age, resides in NSW and is attending school, you are eligible for one voucher per year. That’s $100 per year towards your child’s development, which is definitely worth the few minutes it will take you to apply.